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Hi there!

I'm Walter. I built this site to act as a living resume and repository for my past and current projects.  If you want to see my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn page. In lieu of that, here's the short version:  

I spent the past seven years as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service, with overseas tours in Brazil and China. Before that, I owned a political consulting firm, website development company, and helped co-found two public health nonprofits. I left the Foreign Service in August 2016 to found Prolego Health, which helps foreign governments and international organizations use satellite-enabled devices to monitor healthcare conditions in the most disconnected parts of the world.

I graduated cum laude with honors from The George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs. I speak English, Chinese Mandarin, and Portuguese. Past odd jobs include a stint as a busboy at an Italian restaurant, banquet server at a fancy Washington, DC establishment, unit leader at an overnight camp in the White Mountains, English teacher in rural China, and math and literacy tutor for low-income students in Washington, DC. Hobbies include running, learning about/discussing/taking part in politics and technology, skiing, soccer, hiking, surfing (poorly), and board games.